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Buy the Best Hibiscus Tea in Teabags

Hibiscus Teabags by Republic of Tea

These Natural Hibiscus Teabags by The Republic of Tea come in an air-tight tin that you can recycle or re-use.

My favorite Hibiscus Tea is loose leaf tea, but loose leaf tea isn’t always practical. At work, for example, or in any other situation where you don’t want to deal with tea strainers or fish loose hibiscus petals out of your mug.

That’s why I always have hibiscus teabags on hand. But not just any teabags. I’m particular, and I don’t want any tea with artificial flavorings or fake aromas.  The Republic of Tea is my favorite brand of gourmet quality teabags. Their hibiscus tea is delicious, it’s natural, and they pack their unbleached teabags in an airtight, recyclable tin.

Buy Natural Hibiscus Tea by The Republic of Tea, Tin of 36 bags

Please note: this hibiscus tea is not 100% pure hibiscus flowers, it also contains sweet blackberry leaves and stevia leaves for extra flavor. I don’t mind this, it just adds a little nuance to the taste and fragrance, but I feel you need to know that before you buy.

(Also, I admit I never recycle these tea tins, because they are so pretty. I reuse them and decoupage them for gifts. I’ll put up some pictures in another post.)

7 Reasons Why I Love These Hibiscus Teabags

  • great, natural hibiscus taste
  • zero calories
  • caffeine-free
  • relieves stress
  • may lower blood pressure
  • full of natural vitamin C
  • beautiful and airtight packaging


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